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Just having a moment watching Still and fangirling a bit again about how beautiful this episode is. But I also want to throw something out there because I have seen people saying things like a) the porch scene wasn’t important and b) the fact that Daryl confessed to being “a nothing, a nobody” before the turn was lame.

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  • Anonymouslitwitlady just mentioned how andrew has been spotted without his beard, that explains why emily got her hair styled last week, she's been living it up in Alexandria all this time lol. Now for norman to get a season 3 style haircut please
  • thequeenofshebasays

    I don’t even want NR to get a haircut. I want him in clean clothes and a washed face. But yeah maybe a haircut. But I’m okay if his hair stays long and fluffy.

  • Gotta Stay Positive

    Call me a traditionalist but I want season 1 Daryl back!

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My cousin said to my mom “Since when has she been autistic?!” my mom says “since birth?”

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reblog if you want to be spammed with anonymous asks

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Ok but imagine the first time Daryl wakes up after Beth was kidnapped. Daryl wakes up and for a few seconds before he gains full consciousness, everything’s fine and he’s still expecting Beth to be there, but then, as he opens his eyes and becomes aware of his surroundings, he suddenly comes to the horrible realization that Beth’s gone now and he’s surrounded by a bunch of assholes and his heart breaks all over again.


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Beth and Daryl are the equivalent to chocolate. Let that sink in.

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me when I go anywhere

  • me:ugh there are people here
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I think he would be a loyal boyfriend, I think he’d be a good protector, he would probably be real honest and try his hardest. I’m trying not to play him like someone who’s had a lot of experience and the type of guy that screws girls over, because I think he would be very sincere and a loyal, good boyfriend.

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He only wanted me when he was lonely.

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My Bethyl feels are just growing every single day we get closer to the premiere. I’m afraid I’ll just explode before we even get there.

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